What's Happening Around Town?


Anchor Drilling
2400 Clark Avenue


If you are wondering what the large black tanks down on 2400 Street are for, these belong to Anchor Drilling Fluids. Once approved by the OEPA, these tanks will store an oil based product and water, which will be used for fracking. Please visit their Website to find out more.

Pondage Area
20th Street

This site has been approved for development by the ODNR. The Port Authority leases this property from Wellsville and, between Tracy Drake and Wellsville's Department Heads, there has been a lot of work and man hours put in to making this happen.

Coming Soon
25th Street

Wait for it...


(We are not permitted to discuss these plans at this time but we hope it to be an exciting announcement in the near future.)

Downtown Flood Pumps
& Electric Upgrades

As part of our Flood Levee System, this pump station houses two pumps, which need replaced. It is also the location of an electric station that dates back many decades. The Port Authority has agreed to replace our pumps, as well as upgrade the electric. This is a HUGE step toward our commitment to improving our Flood Levee System!

Flood Levee Upgrades
The Entire Levee

Our flood levee has been neglected for decades and, because of this, we are no longer in the good graces of FEMA. Unless we did something fast, we were, most likely, going to have to pay appx. $200.00 a month for flood insurance by year's end. But please don't panic! Fire Chief Smith, Levee Administrator, and Village officals have been working dilegently with the EMA, FEMA and the Corp. of Engineers to keep this from happening. Efforts appear to be paying off and things look positive. Check back for updates.

Sewage Pump System Upgrades
2nd Street

This is the sewage pump station, located at 2nd Street. The project is part of a grant being used to update our Forced Main. The Forced Main is the main sewer line that runs from this station to the Treatment Plant. Although the hope was to replace the entire line, it looks as if there will not be enough monies available to do so at this time. We will know more soon.

United Water
Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades

With help from United Water and Wellsville's Plant Manager Greg Stewart, our Treatment Plant has eliminated the odor coming from the plant. Although there has been much more accomplished this year, the odors emanating from the plant has been our major focus.

Commerce Street Project
9th to 15th Street

Our most recent street project is Commerce Street, from 9th St. to 15th Street. Engineer work will begin in the fall, additional and replacement catch basins (storm drains) will be installed in the spring of 2013 and paving will be done in the fall of 2013.

Future Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department

The WVFD has purchased the old Sterling China property at 12th and Commerce St. There are plans to build a new fire station on this property, but they have many other great ideas as well. We will respect them by waiting for them to make any announcements. Cleanup is to begin sometime after the week of May 28.

Honor Wall
A George Crews and Debbie Koffel Project

George Crews had a vision to see a Honor Wall at the intersection of Rt. 45 and Wells Avenue. He enlisted the help of Debbie Koffel and, between the two, have accomplished what others thought would never happen. The 'Wall' will be 60' long and will be engraved with the names of military personnel. Donations are still needed to complete the project and they are much appreciated!

Boy with the Boot
A Jan Wasko Project

For years Jan Wasko has wanted to work in the Boy with the Boot area. She has always imagined it full of colorful pereniells and a plaque giving the history of the statue. Although she got a late start this year, this area will be a beautiful site to see in the future.



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